Who we are

Health Equity International, a US-based, 501c3 with non-governmental registration in Africa, is focused on improving access to and the equity of health care to people living in the United States, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and the Benin Republic. Health Equity International began in 2016 as the vision of expatriates from Africa, living in the United States, who wanted to improve the lives of the countrymen they left behind as well as many of their new neighbors here in the United States. Our Mission is to achieve health equity and equality for the poor and minorities and to advocate for and eliminate healthcare discrimination and health disparities. Our efforts will improve the lives of many people across the world who are in need of accessible, affordable and effective health care..

Help those that
cannot afford basic healthcare

Offer help

With over 300 volunteers plying the remote parts of Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and the Benin Republic, bringing basic haelthcare services to local communities, we need all the help we can get to continue with this cause.


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