Healthcare & Education as Human Right

Advocate for HealthCare and education as human right, also provide excellence and accessible HealthCare to all, through our online-Doctors and mobile clinics (hospital on the wheel)

Neglected Tropical and Infectious Diseases

Provide preventive Healthcare to the common people and also access to free testing, immunization and treatments to neglected tropical/infectious diseases, HIV and by partnership with local Hospitals.

Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and Traumatic Injury Clinics

Provide sourcing for volunteer medical personnel from USA and overseas and establishment of ICU and traumatic injuries clinic with modern equipment’s in major cities in Nigeria, West Africa countries and other developing countries.

Mother and Child, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Advocate for sexual and reproductive rights for women, also provide educational workshops for STI prevention among youths/women and raise awareness on family planning methods in rural areas.

The Neglected and Homeless People, Migrants and Refugees

Provide social, psychological and medical care to the homeless, migrants and refugees in Africa, developing countries and worldwide.